Here are a few of our Custom Knives. For more information contact us or join our Emerson Collectors' Association. Call it a trip down memory lane, if you will. Be sure to check out the Black Roadhouse – Ernest says if the devil carried a knife it would be this Black Roadhouse!


  • Jake Bush says:

    I got started with Emerson’s when I saw a Benchmade CQC-7. When Ernie started his production company I bought one right off the block. I have had Emerson knives constantly since then, and have used and abused the Heck out of them. Not too long ago, due to the kindness of a brother, I got the CQC6 I wanted when I was a kid. But even better, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to hang out with the Emerson family and extended family. No better company because there are no better people. And I carry an Emerson Custom in my pocket at work as a cop. Trust me….they get the job done.

  • warren says:

    is it possible to order a cqc6 from the custom shop?

    • Megan says:

      We no longer accept custom knife orders. There are a few ways that you can purchase an Ernest Emerson Custom Knife. First, at a custom knife show that Ernest Emerson attends. He holds a lottery to purchase the knives and if your name is drawn you would have the option to purchase one. Second, we hold a virtual online Custom Knife Show where a lottery drawing is held as well as an online auction. You can find more information on the upcoming show here Thirdly, you can search for a Custom CQC-6 on the secondary market like ebay or some of the knife forums.

  • David Abramson says:

    I’ve been carrying Emerson knives since the early 90’s and through more than a few adventures, urban and others, they’ve never let me down. Its been my honor over the last 20+ years to get to know Erneand family and Im proud to call them my good friends. Nowadays, I always have one of my CQC6’s in my pocket and everytime I take it out for whatever task is needed, it puts a smile on my face thinking about my friends. Rock on Ernie and Mary, and thanks for all you do for the knife community.
    Love and respect,

  • TK says:

    CQC6 for going on 20+yrs now. It doesn’t wear out, it just gets more character. We both look a little younger in the picture on my shelf. Keep grinding them out brother. Your knives are an integral part of the wardrobe.

  • Scott says:

    That roadhouse is awesome! What would be the chances of seeing a CQC-15 with a similar handle? I would really like to have something like that in my pocket!

  • Excellent collection !!!!!

  • Glen DiGirolamo says:

    Ernie you are the man…!!!! Thanks for being you.

    With Love & Respect

  • says:

    I would love to have that Silver Six, some day maybe!

  • Dadiv Lien says:

    my EDCK is a Super CQC-6 Custom, both on and off the job and it has never let me down! “Mahalo Nui Loa” Mr. Emerson for servicing it for me and regards to your staff for the great customer service.

  • Jason Katzman says:

    Not a day goes buy that I do not look at pictures of Emerson Knives, look for Emerson Knives for sale and have a conversation about them! Can’t wait until USN Vegas! Thanks to Ernie and the team at Emerson Knives for making masterpieces for the world to enjoy!

  • Jerry Sturgill says:

    Been carrying Emerson knives for near 20 yrs. Never leave home without one and would never leave home with any other knife brand.


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