The Paladin Book Of Dangerously Fun Stuff

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The Paladin Book Of Dangerously Fun Stuff For Boys Who Never Really Grew Up

Here is the book I've been waiting for. The advance copies are here and I've got signed copies for sale just in time for Christmas. these will make excellent gifts.

I hope you've heard of the book titled, “The Dangerous Book For Boys”. It is an international best seller. We've got four copies of it; one at our cabin in the mountains, one at our lodge in Wisconsin, and two at our Ranch.

Well, here is the book for us ne're do wells, The Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff For Boys Who Never Really Grew Up.” I am honored to have been chosen to write 4 chapters for the book; How To Knock Someone Out With One Punch, How To Sharpen Any Knife, How To Win a Knife Fight, and 10 Warrior Principles for All People To Live By. You're going to love this book, it also includes some of the following:

Want to learn how to land an airplane if you had to? It's here. Want to know what it's like to drive a car off a 300-foot cliff? That's here, too. Build a backyard catapult? Yep, plus 70 more chapters that provide, in the Paladin tradition, all sorts of unusual perspectives on guns and weapons, self-defense, revolutions, self-reliance and much, much more. You'll get unusual advice on such things as how to:

– Fight a duel
– Start your own country
– Deal with wacko coworkers
– Rake in the dough as a sports bookie
– Put out a house fire with a garden hose
– Get your vehicle on the road after a rollover
– Crack a whip like Indiana Jones
– Talk your way out of a fight
– Disable a tank

The Price is $39.95 for your Emerson signed copy. they will start shipping on Thursday December 11, 2008, just in time for Christmas.

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