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The Emerson Bulldog knife models have grown to be very popular additions to our production line. Available in two sizes, the Bulldog is sturdy and dependable. Some knives just breathe an uncompromising personality of strength, toughness, and a hard headed, stubborn attitude.  So it is with the Emerson Bulldog.  These rugged S.O.B.’s are all of those things with a razors edge.  The funny thing is that this knife is the knife that almost wasn’t. There’s a story behind that.  Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you.  This knife was built solely on the decision of public demand.  Anyway, I think it was the right decision to make it because after all, it was what you wanted.  And I agree with that decision.  Get one of these Bulldogs for yourself and I bet you’ll agree too.

“The ergonomics are great on this model and in your hand, it feels like you could punch through a wall! The chopped Tanto blade just screams, ‘Take me off the leash and let me out!’ I knew right away when I first designed this knife that it was going to be called The Emerson Bulldog.”

-Ernest Emerson

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