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Emerson Coffee Roasters®

By August 2, 2019November 4th, 2021Emerson Knives



Many have asked me why, after an already successful career did you decide to start a coffee company?

Well there are three reasons.

The first is that in order to enjoy life you need to find the things you love doing and then, find a way to do them. And the true joy in finding what you love to do really comes from being able to share that passion, the things that you love, with others. That is where the real joy, the real fulfillment in life will always be found.

So when my Wife Mary said to me across the dinner table one evening, “I want to have a coffee company” I didn’t even need a second to think about it. My answer wasn’t just yes – it was hell yes! What a great idea. What better way could there be to share our passion – our passion for life, with others?

The second reason is this; Fortune favors the Bold

In the Emerson family life has always been about the journey – not the destination. The adventure of life is not the arrival, it is the journey and this family has always journeyed together. And so our new voyage began, starting with Mary’s idea, growing into the plan, the meetings, the decisions and the loyalty, determination and enthusiasm of the Emerson family, not just to do something, but to do that thing the best way that we possibly can. With all those things in our favor how could this new journey not be a great adventure?

The third reason is real simple; The Emersons love a great cup of coffee and we know you do too.

We are a community, we are a brotherhood, we are friends, we are family, and its now a perfect opportunity to share our journey, our adventure, our passion, with all of you. Welcome to the journey of Emerson Coffee.

So brew up a pot, pour some into your favorite mug, sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee with me.

Ernest Emerson



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