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Here is where you get to show your colors to the whole world. Send us your photos with an Emerson shirt, hat, or knife in the photo and we will post it here so you too can be “Famous In The Worst Places”®. Earn the respect and admiration of your fellow shirted brothers. Just don't send us 10 pictures of your wild of night of revelry on the dance floor of Senor Frogs in Ensenada. One photo will do. We'd only use one anyway if they were all too similar. Be creative, be funny, be sinister, and try to keep with the spirit of the “Famous” slogan. Keep it cool and keep it clean.

From the Bronx to Baghdad, Calcutta to Kalamazoo, if you're there, take a picture.

Actually any old place will do, even your backyard is fine. Just get us your picture and earn the fame and fortune you deserve.

Submit the photos at 72 DPI and approximately 8″(WIDE) x 6″(TALL) size. If you're not a computer wizard, we'll resize it. Just Do It.



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