CQC-7 BW Flipper

17 customer reviews


Earn 291 Rewards Points When You Order This Item.


CQC-7 BW Flipper

17 customer reviews



Earn 291 Rewards Points When You Order This Item.



The Emerson CQC-7BW Flipper knife pairs the iconic 7 design with a ball-bearing pivot system to create a smooth and rapid deployment. That's right, with just the flick of your finger and tension from the detent, the blade slides right out and engages with a satisfying click. Just when we thought Emerson Knives' most iconic design couldn't get any better. Paired with our patented Emerson Wave Feature, there are now 3 ways to open this knife: Flipper, Thumb Button and Wave. S35VN Steel Blade.


Anatomy of an Emerson Knife


An important part of knowing the anatomy of an Emerson Knife is knowing how to utilize it. Using the  patented Emerson Wave Feature correctly, you can deploy the knife out of pocket rapidly. It takes some practice to master. See how it's done in the video above.


Emerson Knives is famous for our many Tanto style blades. One of our most popular Tanto models is the Bulldog, which is shown above. The profile is similar to that of a samurai's katana, because of its sharp angles and razor sharp edge. We refer to Tanto knives as having ‘B-Blades'.

Standoff Spacers have been standard on all Emerson Knife models since 2014. Any knife ordered from our site from that year will receive one of these models.

Anatomy of an Emerson Knife Lanyard

Lanyard Holes serve one purpose: attaching a paracord lanyard if you choose to get one. We get asked that question quite a lot!

The Thumb Button is there so that you may open the knife single handedly . Specifically with your thumb. Some people are naturals at it and some have to learn. Either way, it's very useful.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Material & Grind
GrindChisel Grind
Overall Length8.0 in.
Blade Length3.3 in.
Blade Thickness.125 in.
Weight5.0 oz.

17 reviews for CQC-7 BW Flipper

  1. Pat Dorigatti

    I have carried several Emerson knives with the wave and this one is no different. I have NO IDEA how people are getting cut or having the knife open in their pockets if they are clipping it in their right pocket at the back of their front pocket. It CAN’T open if it is clipped in properly and when using the wave to quickly open your knife as it comes out of your pocket some practice ensures that you will not get cut. I TRIED to get this knife to open in my pocket with it clipped in as described above which is the proper way to wear it and I COULD NOT get it to come open putting my hand in and out of my pocket and I drew the knife several times as fast as I could using the wave and I have NEVER been cut. I just DON’T understand I consider the problem user error.

  2. crbst294

    This tool has all of the “Emerson-isms”, and just the right amount of special extras (flipper and S35VN) to make this an instant favorite.

    The tanto tip is a cardboard destroyer at work, and the sure grip makes this a joy to use.

    Minus 1 star for the flat chisel grind favoring a left-handed cut.

  3. Richard handwerk

    Great knife. I have several of these variations. (Cqc7). Prefer v grind. But was surprised that the chisel grind didn't bother me. The addition of the flipper adds a new dimension. Well worth it. Hope they do v grind cqc7s in the future.

  4. joshuamillard (verified owner)

    I've carried this knife every single day for around three months, and it has never once opened in my pocket. Never once. In fact, I can't even get the blade to open enough to cut my hand when it's in my pocket *if I'm correctly carrying it*. That said, this knife is meant to be carried on the right side. If you're carrying this knife on your left side, it's a different story, and can come open–So if you're going to carry leftie, I would suggest you buy the left-handed version, or else give some serious thought to the pros and cons of how you're going to carry it. Regarding cutting, it's sharp, but there is also a subtly different “feel” when cutting with the chisel grind (and the “look” might not appeal to traditionalists). All I can say is that I haven't noticed any difference whatsoever in daily cutting tasks.

    The wave feature is a stroke of pure genius, and I *love* it. Just one guy's opinion, but I have zero regrets about buying this knife, and will certainly be buying more Emerson knives in the future. Buy with confidence.

  5. ookiebookie (verified owner)

    Beautiful knife worth the buy. The wave feature is fun, addictive and useful. The stars above speak for theirselves.

  6. RG

    I carry this knife every day. Great Sized Knife for EDC. Love the WAVE and the Flipper features. Very smooth action. Would definitely recommend.

  7. Laurence (verified owner)

    I only carry Emerson knives and have done so for two decades. The only thing I don’t like about the new knives is the wave, which will result in your being cut if you are not careful because the blade deploys and the sharp tip easily slices your middle finger in the process. The wave works great on the combat Karambit because the blade tip curves inward as it deploys. However, with the CQC-7BW Flipper, it is a hazard unless you are very careful. The wave feature on this otherwise excellent knife is a design flaw and should be an option. If you are in need of deploying this knife quickly there is good chance your getting cut. Not a real big deal unless you are in the middle of nowhere and your finger gets infected, which is then one more thing to deal with.

  8. Joshua H.

    As a HUGE fan of the Benchmade Axis Lock system, I was a bit hesitant to move to a liner lock. But the desire for a chisel ground blade left me with almost no alternative to the Emerson line. I agonized over whether or not to get the Flipper variant of the CQC-7 and am I ever glad I decided to get it. It makes opening this knife completely effortless. Furthermore, it enables you to deploy single-handedly with gloves on (something the Benchmade Axis Lock cannot do.) I'm no knife collector. When I buy a knife, I'm counting on a lifetime of service and I am confident that Emerson will deliver and then some.

  9. Joshua (verified owner)

    What's to say except this is an exceptional knife?! I bought upon the initial release two years ago, and I've used the HELL out of it. Opening concrete bags, scraping paint, prying open cans, cutting zip ties and rope, cleaning up rough cuts when notching 2×4's…
    The flipper action is excellent, and when the blade is deployed the tab acts as a finger guard, further preventing your hand from slipping up the handle. I've even dug holes with this thing (though not very big ones, admittedly). Low maintenance, exceptional ergonomics, and legendary Emerson performance set this model apart from the others. Keep her sharp and she will treat you right!

  10. Ko Rentan

    I love Emerson knives, but this one is off the charts. The snap of the flipper is as good as any custom knife and the feel and balance give you confidence in any task. The look is so well known its like a Rolex – everyone recognizes it immediately (in weapons training classes) For me it is the best EDC ever!!!

  11. Johny Miller

    I love my new flipper!! It’s lightweight but super sturdy. Opens fast and smooth and locks in place nice and firm the way a bigger heavier blade would. It truly feels like a smaller version of my roadhouse!! Buy one and you won’t regret it!

  12. Pride R. (verified owner)

    CQC-7F BTS, beautiful Emerson blade indeed!. G10 handle, titanium liner, & 154CM steel equates to a great knife trifecta recipe. The Flipper (IMHO) was the best addition to this already classic Tanto design. It works & functions incredibly well for my “old hands”! Also, mega kudos & thanks to Ms. Ann & Mr. Aaron, best customer service folks ever!

  13. Mozart (verified owner)

    I bought this knife as a user. I never expected such quality from my first Emerson! Yes I have read all the reviews comparing makers knives. I owned another popular makers knife and promptly sold it once I received this Emerson. I work in public safety so I did not need a safe queen. This knife is perfect for me. Opens smoothly with various options, razor sharp from factory, excellent feel and balance in the hand. I will be adding a custom SF clip in the future just for a little touch of bling (I hope they don't sell out!) I paid the extra for the lanyard and glad I did. I am a customer for life now, no need to shop anywhere else. Thank you!

  14. ertuu85

    Fantastic knife and my first (hopefully not last) Emerson Knife. I'm now a disabled veteran from the Air Force and never had the luxury of getting to own one of these while working in the field, but man it would have really helped!

    The s35vn steel stands up to brutal punishment without leaving a mark. I was practicing using the wave to auto-open from my pocket and dropped it on concrete, it left a small mar on the handle but the blade is still pristine.

    I received this as a gift from my wife, is there anyway I can register it here to get the points on my account?

  15. airlift (verified owner)

    Just got my new QCQ7 Flipper. A really sound knife. the bearing action is very smooth I can almost open it with the flick of my wrist like the old gravity knives.
    The open blade and Flipper remind me of a Tiger Shark would have been a fitting name.
    Well done Mr. Emerson

  16. dgoldman (verified owner)

    This is a very nice knife to hold in your hand and great for stabbing objects, however is a very dull knife. The blade on this is soft and wears down very easily. Again great for stabbing but for any sort of cutting this will fail a paper cut test or even cutting the most basic of string. This is a stabber only.

  17. M. Ryan

    The Flipper opens smooth and fast, the bearings work great. What i like most though is the way that the flipper acts as a finger guard when open. You can stab aggressively at pretty solid objects and not worry about lock failure or about your hand sliding up on the handle. A great improvement to an already great knife. I also really like the s35v steel, it's not that it's better than 154cm, it's different, it performs better in some areas worse in others. S35v is a little more suited to my needs than 154 cm but what i really like is having is options. I hope to see more emerson knives featuring different blade steels, and definitely more flippers (mini cqc 15 with a flipper please!).

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