Jungle CQC-8



The Jungle CQC-8 is making a reappearance for a limited time. The best part? For the first time, we are offering the Jungle CQC-8 in your choice of stonewashed or black blades. Available for a limited time while supplies last.



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The Jungle CQC-8

The Emerson Jungle CQC-8 is making a comeback for a limited time only while supplies last.

Based on our best selling CQC-8, it features OD Green G-10 Handles and now for the first time, your choice of either a stonewashed or black blade.

The Emerson CQC-8 has been a favorite among certain “circles” in Britain’s Famed SAS regiment for years and has been in action since the Bosnian Conflict.  It is a true battle hardened veteran that has seen action in every theatre since the 1980’s.  That’s going on 30 years now.

2 reviews for Jungle CQC-8

  1. haddonleather (verified owner)

    I’ve always wanted a CQC 8 Jungle but I don’t like coated blades, so as soon as I saw that Emerson was doing a CQC 8 Stonewash Jungle, I jumped on it immediately! The Jungle OD Green G10 Scales have more of a Woven Fabric Pattern type of texture that is just warm to the touch, The scales are ever so slightly larger then the liners to aid in ergonomics, The entire handle feel secure in the hand with Zero hot spots. The blade came ground perfectly from the factory with super crisp grind lines. The contrast of the stonewash flats and satin bevels just make for the cleanest lines. The combination of a conventional V-Grind blade with a Chiseled edge is genius because now you can have a robust saber grind that still carries strength behind the edge without sacrificing sharpness, The CQC 8 has the perfect amount of belly and straighten edge that comes together at a piercing point! Last thing I can talk about is the liner lock. My Jungle CQC 8 came with a nice early lock up that broke in at about 45%! I couldn’t be happier and ill be back for more as always.

  2. Mystro

    Outstanding. If you are a Emerson fan, what else could you possible ask for in a new Emerson?? Jungle green G10, with the new standoffs on one of the most popular and functional Emerson designs of all times. That’s pretty damn significant. Its a winner regardless how you look at it. The standoffs add a sophisticated new level to the Emerson knife but make no mistake, its still a tough as hell knife. Its just easier to clean now and lets crud flow easier out the handle.

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