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A Note from Ernest Emerson

I have been blessed with opportunities and a career that most could only wish to have. This career has given me everything that I now have, but at the same time this career has also taken many things in return.

My two older daughters' childhoods just seem to have vanished in a flash. My son, who is now 15, is becoming a man. I don't want to miss that. My first grandson is three and my second grandson is now here. I do not want to miss any of their “grandpa” times.

I am, at this time, announcing that from this point forward I will only be attending two custom knife shows a year. They are the Blade show in Atlanta and the USN gathering in Las Vegas. We will also be hosting our two virtual custom knife shows and lotteries twice a year, the Christmas show and our Spring show.

This will give me more time to be with my growing family and my wonderful wife who has supported the things that I have loved to do, for the last 40 years. Now, it is her turn.

I want to thank all of you for your huge support over the years and I hope you all continue to enjoy the custom knives that I will still be building for the four events I have just mentioned.


My Sincerest Regards and Thanks,

Ernest Emerson

CQC-6-Black-Checkered Ernest Emerson Custom Knives


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