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Should You Have a Plain Edge or Serrated Edge on Your Knife?

Easily one of the most common questions we get is, “Which blade type should I get?”. It sounds like a simple question, but it is completely determined by how you plan on using your Emerson knife.

Although we cannot choose which knife you plan to get, we can definitely push you in the direction that suits your needs best.

Plain Edge

emerson mini roadhouseA plain edged blade is one that has the shame grind all the way through. The majority of knife owners will have a plain edge because it serves the basic needs that may come up. Collectors usually opt for a plain edge for the “cleaner”, more traditional look.

Good For:

  • Everyday Carry
  • Basic Utility Purposes
  • Self Defense

Serrated Edge

Commonly referred to as “teeth”, this is the saw-like edge of the blade that is used to dig into tough materials. Emerson Knives offers the option for your knife to be partially serrated where we will add teeth to approximately a third of the blade near the base. This leaves enough plain edge so that you have enough of both to get any job done.

Good For:

  • Outdoors/Camping
  • Hunting
  • Rope-Cutting/Seat Belt Cutting

More Info

Emerson Knives with serrated edges are popular among law enforcement as well as firefighters who need the added utility of the blade.

If you decide to go with a plain edge, you have the option to add serrations to your blade later down the road, should you choose to do so. As you can imagine, we cannot remove serrations from a blade. If you want to add serrations to your blade, you just need to send in your knife along with a Service/Repair Form.


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