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2022 Christmas Custom Knife Lottery & Auction

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LOTTERY POSTPONED UNTIL JAN 2023 More Information Coming Soon! Auction: Dec 12th, 2022 AUCTION INFORMATIONLOTTERY INFORMATION RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR AUCTION Minimum Bid increment is $25.00 If you win an auction, you must call in your method of payment ie. Credit card, check, etc. 310-539-5633. Credit Card is preferred for quickest delivery....
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Veteran’s Day

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Veteran’s Day Thank you for your service.  How many times have you heard that said? How many times have you said those words yourself? That simple statement is now so overused that it’s become as hollow as when someone asks you how you’re doing, but doesn’t really want to know…

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BLADE SHOW WEST Long Beach Convention Center 300 East Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, CA 90802 ERNEST EMERSON CUSTOM KNIFE LOTTERY Saturday, Oct 9th 12:00 pm     Room 202 ERNEST EMERSON SEMINAR The Quest For The Uncommon Man Saturday, Oct 9th 11:00 am    Room 202 BLADE Show West is located...
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Thin Blue & Red Line

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Special Edition Blue & Red Line Products Select options Blue Line Skull T-Shirt $19.95 in stock Add to cart Blue Line Skull Sticker $3.00 in stock Select options Red Line Skull T-Shirt $19.95 in stock The Blue Difference When a soldier deploys onto a battlefield he knows he will be...
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From the upcoming book by Ernest Emerson, "Knowledge Destroys Fear" Available this Summer. In order to prepare a plan to survive a real SHTF catastrophe you need to become aware of just what is needed to survive.  The easiest way is to break those needs into categories.  I'll do that...
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American Business

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AMERICAN BUSINESS American business is both the backbone and the foundation upon which this country was built, and this country has provided all who are here with a greater opportunity to prosper and succeed than any other place in the history of mankind. America was the place where you were...
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Haley Strategic – Emerson Commander

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AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FROM HALEY STRATEGIC PARTNERS Besides having a long lasting relationship between Travis Haley and Ernie Emerson, The Haley Strategic Training Team has always been huge fans of Emerson Knives. Being weapons and tactics instructors’ blades come in handy for daily tasks. Haley conceptualized taking the Wave Technology already...
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