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Blade Show 2017 Recap

Well folks, Blade Show 2017 is now behind us to look back on with fun memories. At least we can say that this year's went much better than last year's infamous fiasco.

We met lots of great people and as always, learned a lot about what knife collectors and enthusiasts are looking forward to the most.

We kicked off our 2017 Blade Show with an interview of Ernest Emerson by our friends at Blade HQ. There, they discussed the upcoming Emerson Balisong Series as well as the custom and tactical versions of the Emerson Battle Axe. It was also during this interview that Ernest officially announced the Blade HQ exclusivity of the Emerson Balisong Series. Attendees also got to see and hold first hand the finished Emerson Battle Axes along with their sheaths.

Blade Show 2017 Ernest Emerson Blade HQ Interview

Ernest Emerson being interviewed by Ben from Blade HQ

“I look at these and I say, ‘THIS  is an Emerson'. There is no question.”

-Ben, on the Emerson Balisong Prototype

Blade Show 2017 Ernest Emerson Blade HQ

Ernest Emerson showcases the Battle Axe and Balisong Prototypes

Emerson Knives Balisongs

Shown: Various blade designs on the Emerson Balisong Prototypes

The Emerson Balisong Series is still in the early stages of development and we are very excited to have shown off the prototypes for the attendees. We take into consideration everyone's opinions and insight. We are excited to put it into high gear and dish these bad boys out for you all to buy through the good people at Blade HQ. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more info to be released on the Emerson Balisong Series, soon to be available exclusively through Blade HQ.

View the full Blade HQ Interview Here.

“The Way of the Warrior – The Less Traveled Path”

Also featured at Blade Show 2017 was a seminar by Ernest Emerson titled, “The Way of the Warrior- The Less Traveled Patch”. This informative course went over the procedures on how to survive a terrorist attack or an active shooter scenario. The seminar took place in the wake of the horrendous Manchester Bombing, which happened just days before.

Blade Show 2017 Ernest Emerson Seminar 2
Ernest Emerson Seminar blade show 2017

To read or hear audio of other Ernest Emerson seminars and readings, go to his other website- The Guardian Shepherd

Guardian Shepherd

New Friends and Old

We got to meet many new friends for the first time as well as converse with some great and loyal fans. We also got to see some old friends in the industry as well. Even the legend himself, knife designer Frederick Perrin, the creator of the iconic “La Griffe” stopped by to say hello. He even showed us some of his killer moves with the Emerson Balisong Prototype!

Ernest Emerson Frederick Perrin Blade Show 2017 La Griffe

Ernest Emerson showing off his Balisong Prototype to friend, Fred Perrin

La Griffe creator, Fred Perrin flipping the Emerson Balisong Prototype

Blade Show 2017 Ernest Emerson Signing

Ernest Emerson engraving his signature on a blade

Ernest Emerson Blade Show 2017

Ernest Emerson discussing ergonomics

Emerson Custom Knives Blade Show Lottery

Looking to redeem ourselves from the train wreck that UPS caused at last year's infamous Blade Show, we kept the tradition alive with the Handmade Emerson Custom Knives Lottery. As usual, the lottery consisted of Mr. Emerson's hand made custom versions of his most prized models which feature micarta handles and titanium bolsters as well as some of the new Emerson Balisong Prototypes! Also featured were the beautiful Emerson Battle Axes, both the tactical and the ones made from the wood from George Washington's Mount Vernon estate.

blade show 2017 ernie kane

Ernest Emerson and Kane Tierney

Custom Knife Lottery Winners Blade Show 2017

See You Next Year!

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