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Emerson's St. Patrick's Irish Knives

We bring to you our annual offering of custom, limited edition, handcrafted, Emerson Lucky Irish St. Patrick's Day Knives collection, available only while supplies last. 

The Festival of St. Patrick's Day on March 17th is celebrated the world over by both Irish and non-Irish alike and it has always been said that everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day. In fact, due to historical upheavals and disasters over the centuries in Ireland and the resulting emigrations, there are more Irish scattered around the world than in Ireland itself. I am sure that is another reason St. Patrick's Day is celebrated throughout the world in so many lands. This year, we have some real goodies that any leprechaun would surely love to add to his pot of treasure. We have some “Lucky 7’s” some “Irish Commanders” in very special bog oak renditions.

The lucky Irish bog oak, “7’s” and bog oak, “Irish  Commanders.” 

These CQC-7s and Commander knives feature unique handles of authentic Irish bog oak that is over 6,000 years old, imported from Ireland. These beautiful pieces of Irish history are handmade, hand-ground, and hand-finished by Ernest Emerson himself. The blades are thunderstorm-finished and then hand-ground to reveal the bright, hand-ground bevels against the thunderstorm flats. We call this our “thunder and lightning” finish. Then we engrave them with our signature “vines and shamrocks” pattern over the entire blade. The titanium liners are hand polished to a mirror finish and then anodized Irish gold. The titanium pivot bolts are anodized Irish green, and the thumb button is one of our signature titanium Irish green shamrocks. These are 100% handmade, fully custom knives.

Irish bog oak is from oak forests that were growing 6,000 to 7,000 years ago in Ireland, where bog lands are now found today. Over time, oak trees that were located near these bogs fell into the bogs and were gradually buried in 12 to 20 feet of Irish peat where, without oxygen and in the presence of tannins and the acidic environment of the bog, the oak never decayed and slowly transformed into the beautiful earth colors that are seen on this rare and unique wood. It is an authentic piece of Irish history, and it is beautiful, with a depth of color, just like the peat earth that was its silent home for so many centuries.

 Each knife comes with a certificate of authenticity certifying the origin and region where your Irish bog oak was actually unearthed.

I put a lot of work into these creations, and I am very proud of how they came out. In fact, my wife liked them so much that she made me promise that if I ever do them again, I need to keep three of them, one for each of our kids. 

My grandmother came from County Cork in the 1900s. I know she would have loved our Irish knives. I hope you like them as well. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

From the Emerson family.


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