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Headless Horseman

This limited edition Headless Horseman edition features all the same specs and materials as our standard Horseman, an all black blade, all black liners, all black hardware and no wave. Thusly named- The Headless (or in this case, Waveless) Horseman. Available while supplies last, these Special Edition Horsemen will fit perfect in your collection.

This is the first time we have made a waveless Horseman. Serial numbers start at 000.

As some of you know, Ernest Emerson lives on a ranch with horses. You may also know that he grew up on a farm. We all know how important a knife is when you’re working around a farm and livestock. In regard to horses, a strong sharp knife is not an option- it is essential. Every cowboy knows that his knife is his life jacket. When something goes wrong with livestock, it goes wrong fast. A knife is generally the only thing that will get you out of a wreck with your life. This is why the Emerson Mini CQC-8 has earned itself the nickname of The Horseman.

We did our research and found that the knife design most suited to the purpose was a scaled down version of our classic CQC-8. The Mini CQC-8 still has all of the aggressiveness of the full sized CQC-8 but is more pocket friendly for someone on Horseback.

The CQC-8 model has long been considered one of our best combat designs. The ergonomics and blade design have merged in the knife to form the perfect union. Perfectly balanced in both a forward and reverse grip, the CQC-8 is a battle-hardened veteran that you want at your side. Paired with our patented Emerson “Wave Feature”, the CQC-8 has evolved to meet the demands of those who need a knife that will protect and serve – Anytime – Anyplace.


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