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Celebrating the 25-year silver anniversary of the iconic Emerson CQC-7 Knife.


Well, folks, I've pulled out all the stops on this one. I created seven unique versions of the Emerson “7” to celebrate The Year of The Seven commemoration. All of them are uniquely beautiful, highly finished, and very collectible versions of my favorite knife design of all times, the old number 7.

A few years back, I remember the editor from one of the gun magazines asking me, “Ernest, how does it feel to have created a legend knife?” Well, I’ve got to tell you, now looking back, it feels pretty good.

But you know, it wasn't just me. Without my wife, my family, my friends, and all of you, those who carried the 7 to the ends of the Earth, none of this would've happened. It would've just been another knife in a sea of knives. I owe all of you and each of you a deep debt of thanks.

I hope you enjoy these amazing “Special 7s” that I have created for you.


Auction starts Sunday, June 9, 2024.


The Sterling Silver Edition CQC-7s


As a special addition to this unique offering, I will be presenting these three special sterling silver editions of the commemorative custom handmade CQC-7, 725 knife. These knives feature stunning sterling silver bolsters set against hand-picked and matched oak barrel stave handles with hand polished 6AL-4V titanium locks and liners, along with highly polished and finished Emerson tank tread backspacers. These three special editions of the custom CQC-7s, handmade by Ernest Emerson, are exquisite examples of a master cutler's high art.

The hand-ground blade is engraved to commemorate the 25th silver anniversary of the Emerson CQC-7 knife, the knife that started the tactical revolution and changed cutlery history forever. The beautiful oak stave handles are engraved to memorialize the CQC-7's 25 years of faithful service – hence the significance of the number 725.

These beautiful renditions of this iconic design will only be available one time at this auction. Don't hesitate to own one of these important icons of cutlery history because once they're gone, you'll have to wait until the 50th anniversary for another chance to own something this special. They are serialized 001, 002, and 003.

The Full-Dress Pearl CQC-7 with Wave


This knife is drop dead gorgeous with one of the nicest pieces of pearl I've ever used. It is truly an iridescent set that I bought many years ago when you could still find great pearl in large sizes. I knew I was saving it for something special and this one is certainly special. The frame and bolsters are highly finished, and the result is a very classy and truly elegant piece of cutlery history.

Green Carbo-Ti and Rose Gold 7


This is a very subtle and graceful presentation. I used green carbo-Ti for the handle scales, and I hand polished the liners and tank tread backspacer to a mirror finish and then satin finished the bolsters. I then anodized them to a lovely rose gold, which perfectly complements the green coming through from the carbo-Ti scales. It's a real subtle and evocative beauty, a must have, perfect for any collection.

Blue Carbo-TI CQC-7


There's something so striking about the colors blue and gold, and this is truly a striking version of the classic CQC-7 design. The blue carbo-Ti almost pops right off the handle against the mirror polished and gold anodized liners and signature Emerson tank tread backspacer, and the beautiful gold satin finished titanium bolsters finish it off perfectly. 

Is it jewelry or is it a knife? It might be both. But the bottom line is, remember this, it's an Emerson, so under all that beautiful bunch of pretty, it's still a wicked, high performance cutting machine if you would ever give it the chance.

Black Pearl Carbon Fiber 7


The colors silver and black to me say power and this knife screams that feeling out. The knife features striking black pearl carbon fiber scales with mirror polished liners and titanium tank tread backspacer. The bolsters are satin buff finished and offset the black pearl perfectly. I added a blue anodized pivot and thumb button to give the spice of just a touch of color to this truly striking and very powerful piece. Take it from me, it doesn't just look powerful, it really is powerful.

The Rules

1. You must be a member of The Emerson Collectors Association to participate. To join, go here:

2. Payment will be wire-transfer only.

3. Shipping will include insurance and be signature-required.

4. Winners will be contacted via e-mail 1-3 business days after bidding is over with wiring instructions and total, including tax/shipping.

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