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How can you use Titanium for a knife blade?

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Titanium is not a usual material for a knife blade. It is not hard like knife steel and will not hold an edge. However, Titanium does possess some outstanding properties that steel does not. Titanium is virtually unbreakable. It is extremely lightweight with a superior strength to weight ratio, that is better than steel. Titanium is inert and virtually impervious to any corrosive medium. It will never rust, ever. It is non-magnetic and will not cause a static spark. Titanium is extremely tough, durable and hard to work with.

In order to turn Titanium into a suitable knife material, Emerson Knives uses a unique and proprietary process. We grind the blades to finish shape and configuration (they must be ground by hand, one at a time). We then bond a layer of tantalum carbide micro- crystals onto the backside of the cutting edge. These crystals are ultra hard and sharp, acting as thousands of tiny saw teeth along the edge. These knives will not shave the hair off of your arm, but they will out cut and out last the steel edge of any knife that exists

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