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What about items that are out of stock?

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Please be aware that my company operates on a business program modeled after Rolex watches. More hands-on labor goes into the crafting of our knives than any other company in the cutlery industry. We don't have assembly lines. We don't have our knives made overseas. We don't have parts made overseas and shipped here for assembly. Because of these reasons and the strict quality standards that this company lives by, we do not produce thousands of knives a week like the other companies do. In the end, the legacy of Emerson Knives will be that of quality and not quantity. Like Rolex watches, we build our knives in batches, so the entire company can concentrate on building a particular model all at one time. Therefore there are times when we are out of certain models or variations until we circle around to build that particular model once again. We will ship your purchase as soon as it is built if it is currently out of stock. I hope that you understand that we do this to insure and preserve the quality of our product.

We try to keep knives in inventory to supply to you, but the worldwide demand is so high that there are times when we are simply sold out. So bear with us and please be patient as we will have most models on hand most of the time.

The bottom line is this: we could make tens of thousands of knives like the other companies do and we could do it well. However, a fictitious corporate name doesn't go on the logo of any of these knives. My name goes on each and every one, and I will not allow anything with my name on it to be substandard or mass produced.

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