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What Size Should I Order?

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Additional Sizing Information

The sizes of the women's shirts and children are all true to size and should fit just like any t-shirt or tank that you would normally purchase. Mens sizes are also true to size and if for example you wear an XL Beefy-T then any XL Emerson should fit you just fine. However, there are many ways guys like to wear their shirts and it can go from skin tight to loose and easy depending on your style. Our shirts are cut a little trimmer and could be called an athletic fit. So the best way I can describe sizing is like this; if for example, you prefer a snug or tight fitting Beefy-T in a size large then I would recommend an XL in the Emerson and you should be just right. If you prefer a loose style and get this with a large size Beefy-T then a large size in the Emerson will probably fit you just right, nice and loose.


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