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Points and Rewards Program

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How To Start Earning Points


Earn 100 Pts

Haven't signed up for an online account with us? Well, Just by signing up we'll give you some free points! A gift from us to all new customers. Points are only applied to account holders- not guest checkouts!


Earn 1 Point for every dollar spent. 

Points can be earned by online purchases and redeemed just before checkout on future purchases.


Earn 20 Pts per review

We'd love for you to leave us reviews on items you've purchased from us! Plus, it helps our customers who are undecided on which items to choose.

How do Emerson Points Work?

Starting  July 29, 2021 for every dollar you spend, you will earn points, excluding any tax or shipping charges via our points and rewards program. Point earnings are rounded up to the nearest dollar spent. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn. Points expire after one year.

The short version? – For every $100 you spend, you will receive $1 worth of points. These add up fast!

100 Pts = $1 redeemable
$200 200 Pts = $2 redeemable
350 Pts = $3.50 redeemable
500 Pts = $5 redeemable

How do I know how many points I have?

In your personal account page, you will see a running status of the points you have earned. 

How do I use my points?

At the time of checkout, the store will prompt you to either use points earned from your personal point bank. You can choose to use the points you have in your account, or save them up for future purchases. Points may only be earned though online purchases used through online purchases. 

Do points expire? 

Yes, you have exactly one year to use your Emerson reward points.

Can I trade my points in for money or products?

 Points are only applicable towards future purchases on exclusively. Points will not apply or be collected with phone orders.

What happens to my points if I return an item? 

Your Rewards points balance will be correspondingly adjusted for any returned merchandise.

Points are not transferable to other accounts.
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