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How do I clean the knife?

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Watermarked PhotoThe easiest way is to rinse the knife in clean fresh water after marine or chemical exposure. Make sure to dry your knife completely after rinsing. Compressed air is useful in blowing out dust and dirt from the inner parts of the knife. If you are going to be storing your knife for long periods of time, be sure to coat the blade and pivot area in light oil to keep in working shape.

You can oil the blade and the pivot area from time to time with any good, light oil such as WD-40. If the knife becomes encrusted with dirt or sand, it can be completely disassembled and cleaned out thoroughly.

Cleaning Light Colored Handles: Dish soap and water or Simple Green with a toothbrush.

IMG_4145If you take your knife apart we do recommend that you use a small drop (the size of a pinhead) Low or Medium strength LocTite on the threads of the pivot screw.

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